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    由中国轻工工艺品进出口商会(简称轻工商会)、中国对外贸易广州展览总公司(简称中贸展)和广东潮域展览有限公司(简称潮域展览)联合主办的广州国际孕婴童产品博览会(中文简称广州童博会,英文简称IBTE( Guangzhou))定于2021年4月6日至8日在广州·中国进出口商品交易会展馆(简称广交会展馆)举行。首届展会预计超过1000家企业,1500个品牌参展,展览面积预计达到60000平方米。






IBTE Guangzhou

[Brave the wind and waves and cooperate with the strong] Quanknow Live Live Ecological City and Guangzhou Children's Expo have reached strategic cooperation!

Time: 2020-07-27 14:07:07

Author: 潮域展览


On July 22, wave field exhibition Chen Cantao and project director, general manager of a visit weeks artful praise about one of the largest live base in China - all know live eco-city, and founder of

Affected by the global epidemic, the world economy, great changes have taken place in the electricity business on the Internet, become the main body, the most active retail trade live + model open electrical business new era, more and more high, as the process of the return to work and production live electrical business, cross-border business, traditional electricity, electricity wechat business, social, community and the media usher in explosive growth period, such as electric business.

On July 22, wave field exhibition Chen Cantao and project director, general manager of a visit weeks artful praise about one of the largest live base in China - all know live eco-city, and founder of the eco-city Cui Bing, eco-city, co-founder of clouds in-depth exchanges, and the 2021 guangzhou international: children's products exposition and China electricity choose product assembly and know all live eco-city strategy cooperation reached intent.

As a co-organizer of Guangzhou Children's Fair 2021 and a strategic partner of South China E-commerce Product Selection Conference, Quanyou Live Ecological City promotes the complementary of online and offline resources and the complementary of east China and South China resources to promote common development.

Quanzhi Live Broadcast Ecological City is located on the third floor of Redwood Furniture Museum in Dongyang city, with a construction area of 60,000 square meters, including 20,000 square meters of supply chain and 20,000 square meters of live broadcast area. It is equipped with 500 studios of different sizes and different scenes. The basement supporting storage packing area covers 20000 square meters. With a total investment of 30 million YUAN, the company has built a strategic cooperation alliance of Quanyou Ecological chain (global), with a Shared space of 5,000 square meters, including 3 Shared meeting rooms and training centers, 30 Shared broadcast rooms, creative cafes, book bars, VIP reception rooms and other Shared facilities.

Quanknowlive Eco-City Supply Chain area will be used as the e-commerce base for key enterprises of toys, babies and children in Zhejiang Province, and many well-known enterprises intend to enter. At the same time, it actively introduces well-known enterprises and brands of other categories to settle in, and finally forms a full-category, multi-functional and all-round live-streaming city mainly featuring toys, pregnant women, babies and children. It is 18 minutes' drive from the International trade City, 15 minutes' drive from the Beixia-Zhu Electric Business Town and 5 minutes' drive from the largest Qingkou Logistics Park in Yiwu. The minivan can reach the floor and basement, the location advantage is obvious, is the ideal choice for starting a business.

Know all live during eco-city will be at the 2021 guangzhou exposition, deeply involved in southern China electricity product assembly, live web celebrity Jie and other activities, in order to live + electricity for introduction, collection advantage brand supply chain, build the exhibitors to motherhood child product complete live online marketing channels, and help the exhibitors to live electricity transformation, drive level billions of market in the future.

During the Guangzhou Children's Fair in 2021, a three-day "South China E-commerce Product Selection Conference" will be held. Among them, "IBTE web celebrity live Jie", the most fashionable and popular IN south China, invested heavily by the organizer, will be an important part of south China e-commerce selection conference. It will join hands with top live broadcasting base & traffic web celebrity to create a feast of live broadcasting IN south China. The multiple theme broadcast rooms set up on the scene will fully meet the requirements of live broadcast scenes for different web celebrity and different exhibitors' products. Combined with the most popular IP elements at present, it is bound to become the web celebrity punching place on the scene of the exhibition, and will also become the focus of attention of all buyers!

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