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The development of children's milk powder needs to "keep the bottom line"!

Time: 2020-07-24 12:28:36

Author: 潮域展览


In recent years, the development of children's milk powder is very hot, under the accelerated shuffling of the epidemic, the trend of dairy enterprises into the bureau of children's milk powder is mor

In recent years, the development of children's milk powder is very hot, under the accelerated shuffling of the epidemic, the trend of dairy enterprises into the bureau of children's milk powder is more and more obvious. But because the regulation has not caught up, some merchants for profit behavior gradually out of control.

At this point, enterprises also need to keep the "bottom line", in order to maintain the benign development of the industry.



Children's milk powder is essentially a nutritional supplement

Children's milk powder is a category that has developed rapidly in recent years. Everyone has entered this market and launched a lot of products. Children's milk powder also tends to be more differentiated.

From the perspective of consumer groups, the total number of people born between 2017 and 20193 is only 47.11 million, while the number of people aged 0-15 in 2019 is about 249 million, indicating that the number of children over 3 years old far exceeds that of children aged 0-3 years old.

For the current infant milk powder industry, which already has fierce competition and increasingly saturated market, infant milk powder can be used as a new increment of brand and channel at this time. In the face of the new competitive environment and pattern of milk powder industry, the market of children's milk powder after 3 years old is pursued by many enterprises.

In fact, the nutrition added by different brands of children's milk powder is not the same, but the difference is not very big, and the field of children's milk powder has entered into the homogenized competition.

At present, many enterprises have distributed children's milk powder, but due to the strong research and development ability of large enterprises, they can add more scientific research results on top of the basic nutrition formula. But essentially, these children's milk powder products are supplements for children.


No scientific evidence

Thanks to the implementation of the national "great health" strategy and the promotion of the epidemic this year, consumers' demand for nutrition has become stronger, attracting dairy companies to enter the field of children's milk powder, which has also partly promoted the expansion of this segment of the cake.

In addition to ordinary products on the market, there are also some products that claim to be functional, such as children's milk powder, which claims to be able to increase height. These children's milk powder standards and the product itself are qualified, but only as a nutritional supplement.

Previously, Mother and Child Times paid special attention to this category, but only a month later, there are many new products of this kind on the market. And this kind of product is still more popular in the store of mother and child, the reporter sees, have store of mother and child only children heighten milk powder to have at least 3 brands, another store has at least 2.

What is the essential reason for the proliferation of such products? Bass independent dairy analyst thinks, "when the baby at 3 years old, the body is in a high-speed development stage, especially 3 -- 12 years old, in the growth process, continuous intake of nutrients are needed to ensure that the growth of his body, and children's milk powder is a very good supplement, because in the field of children's milk powder, China's current professional nutritional supplement products is not much, so just fill in the blank" higher "products."

"There are a lot of these products that do things like supplement calcium and increase height, but not many companies have these functions," he said. Baby powder is different from heighten milk powder. The product of "heighten" is not real and there is no actual formula in it. It is only possible to add some things. However, many of our current enterprises, including Mead Johnson, Yili and Feihe, are based on the foundation and also have certain clinical trial conditions. So when they really get into this area, on the one hand, they drive the rapid growth of the children's milk powder industry, on the other hand, they replace some bad products with really good products."


Industry development is inseparable from standardization conscious

In the case that the infant powder industry is difficult to do, children's milk powder has become a hot category at present. However, as most of the standards followed by children's milk powder are the production standards of milk powder, there is no more specific and detailed management regulations, which gives many brands and channels more flexible operation space.

According to estimates, there are about 90 million children aged 3 to 7 years old. The current market for children is about 5 billion to 7 billion, and experts believe the future market for children will be more than 10 billion. This huge market has attracted the layout of countless enterprises, but with the market, how to do the product is also a problem?

There is no specific standard, and there are no specific regulations on the addition, which to some extent gives milk powder enterprises the opportunity to exploit loopholes, and various "gimmicky" products emerge endlessly in the market. At present, the relevant standard basis of children's dairy products is lacking, and the lagging legislation in the field of children's dairy products is becoming more and more obvious.

We need to know that it is by no means a long-term solution for enterprises to rely on "skirt-ball" product development. Only formal products can promote the benign development of the industry, improve the competitiveness of enterprises, and promote enterprises to base themselves on the market. In addition, the orderly and benign development of the industry is more inseparable from everyone's normative consciousness, restriction on channels, and responsible attitude towards products and children.

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